Understanding the impact of politics on our everyday life

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It is unfortunate that people feel that politics is unrelated to our everyday lives. The policies framed by the government have a huge impact on our society and it is important to stay aware of the political condition of our country. If you want your nation to move forward then it is important for the society as a whole to take collective decisions. We should focus on creating awareness among our people and select the best representative for our country. There are various sociological changes that take place by sudden decisions made by the government.

It is a well-known fact that the countries that did not have a stable government failed to act as a state. If the power is in the hands of any dictator then the country cannot expect to have a balanced economy. There are various issues that come up due to faulty decision making. Whether it is an economical decision or a foreign policy the government has to take a collective view and act with a sense of responsibility. The finance ministry has always been one of the key ministerial positions. It shapes up the economic condition of the country and helps in avoiding any kind of financial debacle. Taking any decision requires proper research and one cannot finalize anything without proper information. Even when you’re looking for a photo booth rental service then you can visit the website of an experienced company like http://www.elkhartphotobooth.com.

There have been times in countries like Iraq and Sudan where the governments failed miserably due to faulty decision making. It is important to have youngsters in politics as they can decide the future of the country effectively. Seniors must make it a point that they need to train the young generation to take a keen interest in politics as it would affect the coming generation. If there is a lack of political will and the senior politicians don’t take effective steps then everyone in the country suffers a lot.

There are few myths in politics that need to be cleared. The first and the biggest myth that is there in almost everyone’s mind is that “politics never does anything for the society” Everyone in the society should get rid of this myth and understand the importance of each and every decision taken by the government. From medical sector to financial sector everything is affected if the policies are defined correctly. Some of the people feel that all politicians are the same. This is not the way to go and you need to change your thought process. If you select the right representatives then you can have good politicians that think about the country.

Interesting Facts about American Politics

America is the oldest democracy in the world that continues to be not only a ‘melting pot’ but also a land of contrasts, economically, socially, culturally, and politically. Talking about the national politics and tracing its history or background, there are almost innumerable facts that’ll leave you open-mouthed. Following are some of the bizarre facts and figures that’ll make you wonder as to what it is about America that still attracts countless from all over the world to its shores:-

  • The American Flag which is so ubiquitous and has become synonymous with the US was actually the handiwork of a 17-year schoolboy who got a B- for his creation
  • Being an American President is fraught with the risk of losing your life as 4 presidents have been assassinated out of the total 45 who’ve held office so far, statistically speaking
  • Although Americans celebrate Independence Day on 4th July, the US Congress declared 2nd July 1776 as the day from which the nation would be free from colonial rule
  • Despite America being a democracy, the word is not to be found anywhere in the Constitution which implies that the framers (of the constitution) and the forefathers of the present generation didn’t want the country to be democratic. As a matter of fact, USA is a federal republic where the electorate elects representatives to make decisions on their behalf.
  • The US Constitution is not perfect, grammatically speaking as there are numerous spelling errors. The state Pennsylvania is erroneously spelt as one of the Ns was omitted when the final draft of the declaration was ratified for signing
  • The first US President George Washington is the only candidate till date to have won all the votes of Electoral College-hardly surprising since there was no opposing candidate as no political party had been formed

Carving up a promising career as a politician

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Politics is not what it used to be since the evening in 1775 when Samuel Johnson first opined ‘Politics is the last refuge of the scoundrel’. Taking the decision to become a politician or a statesman can be a tough challenge given the fact political leaders all over the world (with a few notable exceptions) are not looked upon as role models by the young generation. If you can persevere and stay the course, you can go on to earn both fame and the moolah.

On the downside, your personal life is always on the public radar, and you’re mauled by a section of the population for your beliefs, ideas, opinions, and ideologies. No matter how much you try, you can never be all things to all men or women for that matter. Therefore, it is very important for you to comprehend and realize whether you’re cut out for a career in politics.

A career in politics may not suit one and all

The road to becoming a senator, parliamentarian or a mayor is paved with obstacles and roadblocks. And the track gets steeper and perilous as you keep climbing the steps from becoming a mayor to a senator and then running for the ultimate trophy-president or prime minister. You’ll need to have some intrinsic skills as well as cultivate some expertise before you can embark on the road to becoming a successful politician.

For instance, you’ll need to be a good orator with the ability to influence the public with your speeches. You’ll need to campaign for days on end in your constituency that’ll require you to make speeches in different public forums, meet labor unions, make door to door campaigns and so on. You’ll need to be strong mentally as well as physically.

You’ll have to accept the fact that your life will always be open to scrutiny by the public. You’d develop a thick skin in order to remain unaffected by taints and blemishes that politicians from opposition parties will attempt to heap on you to tarnish your reputation. You should be passionate about serving the nation and uplifting the downtrodden.

Prior to making the announcement that you’ll be entering politics, you should have excelled in some professional field so that some people will stand by you in times of need. To say the last but not the least, you’d need the support of your family as well.

Attempting to Comprehend the Current Global Political Scenario

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Our lonely planet had always been in a dynamic state since the dawn of human civilization. However, this dynamism has picked up pace with continuous and rapid strides being made in internet technology so much so that the entire world has now morphed into a single, close-knit global village. Living in the 21st century is increasingly becoming complicated with every passing day. Each and every human being regardless of his or her age, sex, religious, cultural, and political beliefs is confronting crises on multiple fronts pertaining to the economy like energy, ecology, and food.

For a few decades after the breakup of USSR, USA ruled the roost as the lone superpower in the world. Though the US still wields sufficient political clout, with other power centers rearing its head, the world is becoming multipolar as US supremacy stands challenge. Parallel power centers including the BRICS, ASEAN, and the European Union (to name a few) are now bulwarking the hitherto unchallenged hegemony of the US.

There’s hardly any nation on the face of this earth that is not grappling with issues related to environmental degradation, regional, national, and international terrorism, and economic crises. One favorable outcome of these universal problems is that the same have brought all the countries on a single platform compelling the governments to cooperate with each other for mitigating the issues. The natural resources like water, land, and vegetation that are indispensable for human existence are fast depleting owing to the ever increasing population.

The world population which currently stands at a staggering 7.5 billion is taking a heavy toll on the non-renewable resources. The global political scenario is worsening day by day and if the situation keeps escalating, we could be staring at World War III. Nevertheless, one could draw some solace from the fact that the UN peacekeeping force is always at standby and prepared to prevent the world from descending into chaos.