Attempting to Comprehend the Current Global Political Scenario

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Our lonely planet had always been in a dynamic state since the dawn of human civilization. However, this dynamism has picked up pace with continuous and rapid strides being made in internet technology so much so that the entire world has now morphed into a single, close-knit global village. Living in the 21st century is increasingly becoming complicated with every passing day. Each and every human being regardless of his or her age, sex, religious, cultural, and political beliefs is confronting crises on multiple fronts pertaining to the economy like energy, ecology, and food.

For a few decades after the breakup of USSR, USA ruled the roost as the lone superpower in the world. Though the US still wields sufficient political clout, with other power centers rearing its head, the world is becoming multipolar as US supremacy stands challenge. Parallel power centers including the BRICS, ASEAN, and the European Union (to name a few) are now bulwarking the hitherto unchallenged hegemony of the US.

There’s hardly any nation on the face of this earth that is not grappling with issues related to environmental degradation, regional, national, and international terrorism, and economic crises. One favorable outcome of these universal problems is that the same have brought all the countries on a single platform compelling the governments to cooperate with each other for mitigating the issues. The natural resources like water, land, and vegetation that are indispensable for human existence are fast depleting owing to the ever increasing population.

The world population which currently stands at a staggering 7.5 billion is taking a heavy toll on the non-renewable resources. The global political scenario is worsening day by day and if the situation keeps escalating, we could be staring at World War III. Nevertheless, one could draw some solace from the fact that the UN peacekeeping force is always at standby and prepared to prevent the world from descending into chaos.

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