Carving up a promising career as a politician

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Politics is not what it used to be since the evening in 1775 when Samuel Johnson first opined ‘Politics is the last refuge of the scoundrel’. Taking the decision to become a politician or a statesman can be a tough challenge given the fact political leaders all over the world (with a few notable exceptions) are not looked upon as role models by the young generation. If you can persevere and stay the course, you can go on to earn both fame and the moolah.

On the downside, your personal life is always on the public radar, and you’re mauled by a section of the population for your beliefs, ideas, opinions, and ideologies. No matter how much you try, you can never be all things to all men or women for that matter. Therefore, it is very important for you to comprehend and realize whether you’re cut out for a career in politics.

A career in politics may not suit one and all

The road to becoming a senator, parliamentarian or a mayor is paved with obstacles and roadblocks. And the track gets steeper and perilous as you keep climbing the steps from becoming a mayor to a senator and then running for the ultimate trophy-president or prime minister. You’ll need to have some intrinsic skills as well as cultivate some expertise before you can embark on the road to becoming a successful politician.

For instance, you’ll need to be a good orator with the ability to influence the public with your speeches. You’ll need to campaign for days on end in your constituency that’ll require you to make speeches in different public forums, meet labor unions, make door to door campaigns and so on. You’ll need to be strong mentally as well as physically.

You’ll have to accept the fact that your life will always be open to scrutiny by the public. You’d develop a thick skin in order to remain unaffected by taints and blemishes that politicians from opposition parties will attempt to heap on you to tarnish your reputation. You should be passionate about serving the nation and uplifting the downtrodden.

Prior to making the announcement that you’ll be entering politics, you should have excelled in some professional field so that some people will stand by you in times of need. To say the last but not the least, you’d need the support of your family as well.

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