Interesting Facts about American Politics

America is the oldest democracy in the world that continues to be not only a ‘melting pot’ but also a land of contrasts, economically, socially, culturally, and politically. Talking about the national politics and tracing its history or background, there are almost innumerable facts that’ll leave you open-mouthed. Following are some of the bizarre facts and figures that’ll make you wonder as to what it is about America that still attracts countless from all over the world to its shores:-

  • The American Flag which is so ubiquitous and has become synonymous with the US was actually the handiwork of a 17-year schoolboy who got a B- for his creation
  • Being an American President is fraught with the risk of losing your life as 4 presidents have been assassinated out of the total 45 who’ve held office so far, statistically speaking
  • Although Americans celebrate Independence Day on 4th July, the US Congress declared 2nd July 1776 as the day from which the nation would be free from colonial rule
  • Despite America being a democracy, the word is not to be found anywhere in the Constitution which implies that the framers (of the constitution) and the forefathers of the present generation didn’t want the country to be democratic. As a matter of fact, USA is a federal republic where the electorate elects representatives to make decisions on their behalf.
  • The US Constitution is not perfect, grammatically speaking as there are numerous spelling errors. The state Pennsylvania is erroneously spelt as one of the Ns was omitted when the final draft of the declaration was ratified for signing
  • The first US President George Washington is the only candidate till date to have won all the votes of Electoral College-hardly surprising since there was no opposing candidate as no political party had been formed

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